Aromatherapy VTCT Diploma Course, York


Train to be a Clinical Aromatherapist in 7 months – Saturdays once to twice per month and achieve a Level 3 VTCT Diploma. We believe in small classes of no more than six to allow you to  develop your skills and knowledge and have plenty of individual tutor instruction and support.

For Practitioners/graduates only holding a level 3 VTCT qualification in Complementary Therapies

Saturdays once or twice a month for 7 months from 10am-5pm

  • Small classes of no more than 6 for lots of individual tutor instruction and support
  • Friendly and informative approach to learning

What does this course cover?

Learn about this amazing Organic Chemistry Holistic healing system and train to be a Clinical Aromatherapist. This is so much more than just a nice smelling massage. Essential oils penetrate in to the body and can make significant cellular changes to the body and brain. This is a skilled profession and much care needs to be taken on how the oils are used and should not be used by the untrained. We learn about the chemical properties of essential oils and their characteristics. You will learn how to blend top, middle and base not oils to find the best synergies to treat posed conditions. You will also learn about the characteristics and properties of carrier oils that essential oils are often blended with. You will learn how to administer oils through various means to treat your clients; immersion, vapourisation, hot and cold compress and through massage. You will learn a very different massage style in order to help the essential oils penetrate into the largest surface area of the body – the skin. If you are currently a massage therapist you will learn new massage skills to enhance your own practice.

How long is the course and what are the dates?

10 days on Saturdays with one further date for a final practical exam and tutorial

Please email Mary for new dates for this course as we have cancelled the dates advertised after Easter 2021.

How much does it cost?

£1750 with a £550 deposit and 12 monthly instalments of £100 starting in September 2020. Price includes textbook and registration fees with VTCT. This price also includes a high quality Aromatherapy kit including 30 essential oils worth over £100 plus other materials used in class such as roll ons, nasal sticks, cream jars.

Why has the price increased?

We only take between 4 – 6 students only on this course as there are not too many different oils being blended . This results in a very good tutor/learner ratio and we aim for you to receive a high level of teacher input and training on this course. We include some text books and a case of 30 plus excellent quality essential oils at the start of the course so you can get blending straightaway.

Where is it held?

The York School of Holistic Therapies is now based at the beautiful location in Swinton Grange at the North Yorkshire Centre for Whole Health, Malton near Castle Howard

What will I learn?

You will learn about the groups of essential oils and their properties and effects on the body. This course is designed to be used on in case studies and in class following contra-indications. This course is not suitable during pregnancy. You will learn how to treat up to three conditions using specific synergy blends designed and developed to suit your client needs. You will learn how to use aromatherapy in hot and cold compresses, inhalation, immersion and a specific form of massage that it very different from the Body Massage techniques learnt in the Body Massage level 3 diploma. You will learn how to make compresses and oils for the face, feet, body, room sprays, bath oils etc.

You also will learn;

  • about the history of Aromatherapy and its uses over the ages
  • chemical properties of essential oils
  • methods of extraction
  • safe use essential oils and contra-indications
  • use of at 35-40 plus essential oils and their properties and uses
  • how to blend essential oils
  • synergies
  • carrier oils and use of creams and other products to use with essential oil blends
  • Botanical names of oils and their origins and process of extraction
  • different methods of using and apply blends
  • safe storage and life time of essential oils and carrier oils

Is there a qualification?

VTCT level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy. You will not need to repeat the Anatomy of Physiology unit although you will need to sit the 2 exams if you qualified more than 3 years ago.

Do I need previous experience?

VTCT 3 level qualification in Body Massage or Complementary Therapies (including massage) or Reflexology.

Please note this course will only run with a minimum of 4 students